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Share Point

Pajonos has over 8 years of experience in SharePoint. We do developing, customization, IT, search, collaborations and many more.
Using our most skilled team, you will get the most out of SharePoint.

  • Collaboration
    Using SharePoint you can get great results in no time. Creating portals, document sharing, manage permission and so much more. At Pajonos we have lot of experience with managing and developing SharePoint websites.
  • Search
    Search driven applications, search files on your local storage, searching people from your organization and many more features.
    With Pajonos, you can be sure you get the most out of the SharePoint search engine.
  • Developing
    Using our development capabilities, we can help you expand the system to best fit your needs. Choosing what's needs to be developed and what needs to be OOTB in SharePoint is the key to success.
    We are experts in any kind of SharePoint development environment - server, client, JavaScript, REST and more.
  • Online
    Using SharePoint Online, you can start to work in no time. The system is completely managed by Microsoft servers and can be integrated into other services and even into on-premise environments with ease.
    We Build rich, customizable applications using SharePoint Online for CMS, Document Management and many more solutions.
  • Migrations
    We have lot of experience with migration into SharePoint, and from SharePoint to any other platform: Older SharePoint versions, MCMS, SQL databases and many more.
    We use different techniques that best match our customers' needs.

CMS (Content Management System)

We create the best CMS websites based on various platforms such as Umbraco and many others. Pajonos has over 21 years of experience in developing complex websites using advanced technologies such as bootstrap, responsive design or parallax.

  • Technologies
    We create rich and powerful websites using the newest technologies available. At Pajonos we specialize in SharePoint, Umbraco, MVC, Angular, Bootstrap and many more. We know how to get the most out of these technologies and use it in the best way for our customers, This allows us to deliver high quality products with minimum support required.
  • Graphics
    How its looks and behaves is one of the most important and hard to get issues. The process consists of several important tasks, starting from creating the UI, through user flow and finally the graphics.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Creating the website is not the end of the process, Now we need to bring the users to use our product. Creating the website using SEO suggestions is the key to get the most out of the search engines and to be exposed to the world easily.
    At Pajonos we develop verified SEO websites and we are always up to date with latest changes in the field.
  • Accessibility
    Accessibility driven websites allow people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web, and by that they can contribute to the web.


Cloud is our biggest growing service!!
In the past few years, cloud solutions have become more and more common and provide real alternatives to traditional solutions. From small pieces of software to a fully managed solutions, everyone is using Cloud Services.
Our experts at Pajonos can help you plan and execute all of your cloud needs efficiently and professionally and create real cost-effective solutions.

  • Office 365
    Using Microsoft online services you can manage your users emails, documents and many more in the Cloud. The suite contains Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Project, Visio, Yammer and all of the Office apps.
    Using our specialists we can help you choose the right plan and implementation for your business.
  • Azure, AWS, Google
    Manage your websites, VMs, databases and storage has never been easier. Using today's solutions you can manage all of your Operations in the cloud – Easily!
    Creating the most cost-effective solution is the key for success. At Pajonos we have developed methodologies guided by our experience, to help our customers do exactly that.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    SaaS is a software distribution model for customers over the network. Using SaaS you can easily leverage your capabilities and integrate many features quickly.
    We can help you choose the right SaaS and integrate it with your existing solutions.
  • Sync
    One of the challenges using cloud services together with on-premise solutions is synchronization. We are using customized, built-in and third party tools so your business is always In-Sync!
  • Hybrid
    Hybrid Solutions uses both on-premise and cloud environments. This can help in many cases: Moving to a Cloud infrastructure in a few steps, reducing access times and latency, working offline and of course scale-out quickly and more efficently.


We create native, web based and hybrid applications to best match your needs, Whether it's a news applications, chat or even a game you came to the right place.
In the new world, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Many applications used are for basic communication and services. At Pajonos we specialize in understanding our customers' needs and finding the best solution that will serve well with their needs.

  • Native
    Creating native applications is a skill that must be acquired by years of experience.
    Using native apps you will get the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience for your users.
  • Web Based
    Using HTML 5 we can create hybrid application that can fit many apps. Choosing the right platform and technology is the key for a cost effective product.
    Over the years, developing hybrid application has become easier and more productive. One solution can fit many platforms such as the web and both iPhone and Android.


Our QA team leads in both automatic and manual tests. We believe that a well tested application means a better product, therefore the QA process is a built-in step during our development process and it is integrated into all of our solutions.


At Pajonos we believe in developing and growing all the time. New technologies, new platforms and new minds are the key to success. We explore many fields and find what is best for our DNA.
If you have any ideas, that you believe may bring the world a step further, and would like to share with us, please contact us.

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Project Management

At Pajonos we believe that a transparent, reliable and professional project management is the key to success. We use different methodologies based on the project and the customer needs.

  • Agile
  • Milestones
  • Transparency
  • Manage Resources


Even the best application is useless unless someone is acutely using it. After lot of success deployments we know how to help our customers make their application useful.

  • UI
  • Design
  • Human Engineering
  • Availability


At Pajonos we take care of maintenance from the earliest time of the project. We believe that choosing the best technology and implantation is the key for low cost maintenance and future changes.

  • Agility
  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Low Cost